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Managing Through Uncertainty Webinars

Training For Leaders, People Managers and Staff through the Coronavirus pandemic

We are running 90-minute webinars using Zoom – or your preferred platform – for your teams or groups of up to 12 individuals to help you and your people weather the impacts of the current crisis.

We are professional experienced qualified executive coaches and facilitators, experts in enabling managers to lead others through change and in supporting individuals to keep calm, focused and effective during change and uncertainty.

The requirement for ‘Social distancing’ should more accurately have been described as ‘Physical distancing’ – the last thing people need is to feel more socially separate at this time.
So, we use our webinars to support people to understand their feelings, know that they are not alone, adopt a positive mindset, understand change and regain a sense of control by focusing on the things they can do to help themselves, each other and their organisation.

Fact Sheet to Download

To discuss your needs and see how we can help please call Guy on 07525021878 or Madeline on 07771990465.


  • Are your people getting stressed / overwhelmed about the corona virus and what it means for them, their families and their livelihood?
  • Are they struggling to support themselves or others during this time of uncertainty?
  • Are you finding it hard to reassure them and give them what they need?
  • Are you unsure of your next steps?
  • Are you worried about the future?