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No great manager or leader ever fell from heaven; it’s learned, not inherited. – Tom Northup

About Longshaw Consulting Group

At Longshaw Consulting Group, we strive to help managers become the best manager they can be.

Whilst there is a place for learning through trial and error, we equip managers with the right tools, know-how and mindsets – the foundations to becoming highly capable and inspiring managers, which we believe is one of the most important investments any organisation can make.

Who was the best manager you ever had? What was it about this person that made them the best in your eyes? What did they do and how did they make you feel? How did they impact you and your career?

People can normally recall quite vividly and with some gratitude, their ‘Best Manager’; they were probably not perfect but they often remember how they stretched them or what they learned from them and the difference this person made to them.

It is no secret that great managers can create aligned, engaged, inspired and motivated teams that deliver exceptional results…and weak managers can engender poor results, a disjointed team, disengagement and high staff turnover.

Managing People Well

There is more complexity, change, pace and uncertainty in all areas of work than ever before; even more reason, we believe, to equip Managers to learn about themselves, understand their people better and give them innovative, thought-provoking and practical tools.

People tell us that being a manager can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging roles and professions. We totally get this, having been managers ourselves in our previous careers. We are delighted to dedicate our work to supporting and challenging managers both individually and as a community to raise the bar on what’s possible.

We believe an organisation’s people are its greatest asset, so in our view building management capability is essential to every organisation’s success.

Madeline Longshaw

Madeline Longshaw

Madeline is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Longshaw Consulting Group.

Madeline: 07771990465

Madeline has spent 30 years in the corporate arena, working as both a Manager and more latterly in the last 17 years as a Management Development specialist and expert – consulting, designing and facilitating a variety of training programmes. Madeline is a seasoned professional in the management development field and has designed & facilitated a comprehensive suite of people management, career development, talent management and team effectiveness programmes.

Madeline delivers programmes on all aspects of the skills, knowledge and mind-sets to be a highly successful Manager and over the years has built up an impressive array of private, public sector, non-for profit and charity sector organisations clients. Madeline’s passion is about equipping Managers with the tools to create an environment where individuals feel engaged, motivated and stretched and where teams thrive & achieve exceptional performance.

Madeline is an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has 16 years experience coaching all levels of Managers from graduates and aspiring Managers to Middle Managers, Directors and Board members. Prior to becoming an Executive Coach, Madeline completed a 4-year postgraduate diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute, Ealing. She worked for several years seeing private clients in her private practice. Madeline is an accredited Facilitator of Insights Discovery team and motivational maps.

Madeline’s early career was spent at British Airways and The Prudential PLC where she spent 11 years as a HR Manager and achieved an MA in Human Resources from Greenwich University. She has been a graduate member of the Chartered institute of People Development for 30 years and is CIPD qualified. After Human resources, Madeline spent 2 years working as a Management Consultant for Penna Change Consulting. It was here that her passion for enabling Managers to be at their best was born and she felt compelled to start her own company dedicated to achieving this vision.

Guy Longshaw

Guy Longshaw

Guy is Co-Founder and Director of Longshaw Consulting Group

Guy: 07525021878

After 20 years in commercial and not-for-profit organisations in various business development, management and strategic roles, Guy started his own consultancy bringing happiness and work together. Initially this focused on career development and transition and then grew to focus more on resilience, wellbeing for performance, stress management and management development more widely. His workshops have successfully reduced sickness absence and enabled many managers and their teams to perform better by focusing on both performance AND wellbeing.

He is a qualified executive coach and workplace mediator, and highly experienced group facilitator and workshop designer. He has a life-long interest in happiness and how happiness at work is key to individuals, managers, teams and organisations. His earlier career was spent as a manager and senior manager within several SME’s (sales, training, business development, product development, business planning) and one multinational, EDS (UK marketing, sponsorship, advertising).

He then spent several years with City & Guilds and The Institute of Leadership and Management (exec team member, strategic planning, project and programme management, culture change, employee engagement).

Guy relies on his natural kindness together with honesty, straight-talking and humour in coaching and facilitation. Clients say his approach simplifies apparent complexity, making things clear and simple instead. He helps clients relax and ‘get to the nub’ of issues, create new thinking and make resolution more straightforward.

He believes it is important to strike a balance between striving for ‘success’ and ‘being happy now’; that wellbeing drives success more than the other way around. This perspective is informed by his interest in mindfulness and ‘presence’, personal energy, fulfilment and contribution and his understanding of the physiology of stress, resilience and performance. Whilst he is a wellbeing specialist, he also firmly believes one of the best ways to manage workplace stress is to have a great manager; hence the simple ethos of Longshaw Consulting Group – ‘Manage People Well’.

Guy loves running and cycling and ‘being outdoors’. In 2009 he came third in the middle-weight division of the British Kyokushin Karate Championships. In 2014 he ran The London Marathon for the charity Whizz-Kidz. He practices Chi Gung and meditation.

Guy and Madeline live near St Albans with their three sons.