Our Values Longshaw Consulting Group
We are a values-driven consultancy, working in partnership with you to deliver the best contributions we can. Our values encompass why Longshaw Consulting Group exists and they are our ‘guiding principles’ for the way we work with you. They are how we help you ‘Manage People Well’.

Our Values are:

Belief: we believe in what we are doing


Our belief is our strength. We believe in what we do and its what drives us every day. We created Longshaw Consulting Group to enable individuals, teams and organisations be the best they can be. This is highly motivating for us and we are energised every day to improve the happiness, engagement, potential and performance of the people we work with. We agree to projects only when we believe it will make the transformational difference you seek. We kindly and proudly decline projects that don’t align with our values, or if we don’t believe they can deliver the improvements you are seeking.

Stretch: life is change, growth is optional


We see stretch is synonymous with change – everything is changing all the time and yet its human nature to seek control, stability, and security.
We all have our comfort zones and stretch zones and have all experienced the discomfort and the transformation and growth that comes from ‘a good stretch’.
Change being a constant is something we are often helping people to understand, work with and lead others through; how do I get my team to want to change. How do I empower myself and others ‘go with’ change, to see the opportunity for growth and not the threat; to ‘go for the stretch’?
Through stretch, we become more confident and capable. By stretching people, we enable them to form more empowering habits. They become more flexible and agile, with a more ‘can-do’ attitude – great tools to help them achieve their potential and increase their fulfilment at work.

Practical: passionate about practical application


Theory is important and it’s nice to understand models, thoughts and ideas but without practical application, there is little new behaviour and certainly no ‘transformation’. Our passion is to make what we do as practical as possible. We ensure people come away with actions that can be applied straight away that will make a difference. Our pragmatic approach is one of our key differentiators and it’s what our clients comment upon time and again. Everything we do, whether its designing training sessions / workshops, running a team building session or undertaking a coaching session has practical application (i.e. ‘So what?’) at the forefront of our minds.

Positive Energy: ‘thriving’ not ‘surviving’

Positive Energy

We believe that happiness at work is a key driver to team and organisational performance. We encourage people to choose their perspective – to choose trust over fear, strengths over weaknesses, growth mind-set over fixed mind-set, stretch zone over comfort zone and ‘thriving’ over ‘surviving’. We enable people to become more resilient so that they build their positive energy and take personal responsibility for their choices and success. We know that our physiological state has a huge impact on our perspective, mental functioning, behaviour and performance. We are so committed to our quest for positive energy that a significant focus at Longshaw Consulting Group is on resilience, reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing – its the ‘Well’ in ‘Managing People Well’.

Partnering: ‘in partnership’ is the only way we work


‘In partnership’ is the only way we work. We truly believe that the relationship with our clients is precious and it is only through this relationship that we can create truly great outcomes. We never tell our clients what to do or how to be. We know we have experience and expertise that adds value but refuse to be the ‘experts with the ‘one-size fits all’ approach. We take an adult-adult approach in everything we do and our coach mind-set means we are always seeking to find what will work best for our clients and their people in the environment they work within. We meet our clients ‘where they are’, so to speak, in an honest, open and collaborative way, trusting that the answers always emerge. This approach has worked for us over our 16 years in consultancy, team building, facilitation and coaching and it’s at the core of who we are and what we stand for.

Contribution: maximum fulfilment = maximum contribution


We are always seeking to maximise our ‘contribution’ to our clients and we encourage a ‘contribution mind-set’ to be adopted by the people we touch. We enable people to understand their own contribution and the potential of delivering this through their work, their teams, their organisation and their community. We work with the whole person and know that when you decide to shift or change then the whole system is impacted as part of the ripple effect. We facilitate an alignment of purpose, self, others, team and organisation so that a ‘golden thread’ is visible between your contribution and your organisation’s contribution to society. We know that enabling self-motivation, playing to strengths and alignment to purpose and potential creates a win –win virtuous cycle: maximum fulfilment = maximum contribution.