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For Leaders, People Managers and Staff through the Coronavirus pandemic

People, information, cashflow and reputation. Business leaders on top of their business continuity plans are focused daily on managing their four biggest assets.

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Remote Coaching

We are increasingly supporting our clients’ business continuity activities with inexpensive 60 minute remote coaching sessions via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or telephone for leaders, people managers and staff. We are professional experienced qualified executive coaches, experts in coaching managers to lead others through change and in enabling individuals to keep calm, focused and effective during change and uncertainty.

To discuss your needs and see how we can help please call Guy on 07525021878 or Madeline on 07771990465

Where were the all the coaches during the financial crisis? This was the title of an article in 2009 that went viral because it was a great question! It subsequently became a best selling book.

We Are Here Now In This Crisis

With a team of highly experienced professional qualified executive coaches ready to help with any and all people-related challenges and a determination to be flexible to meet your needs. Be it a Director or a junior member of staff, we are here to help.


Some of what we’re helping with is clear thinking, positive leadership, planning and decision-making, but much of it is about enabling people to be at their best through uncertainty and coping with the emotional challenges of change – something we have been coaching people through for 25 years.

  • Are you getting stressed / overwhelmed about the corona virus and what it means for you / your business?
  • Are you struggling to support yourself or others during this time of uncertainty?
  • Are you finding it hard to reassure others and give them what they need?
  • Are you unsure of your next steps?
  • Are you worried about the future?

How to maintain motivation, productivity and mental wellbeing amongst newly remote workers accustomed to office banter? How to keep an opportunity-seeking mindset alive (or even a ‘this too will pass’ mindset) within the ‘damage-limitation’? How to support staff emotionally when they are juggling personal / family / financial worries when what’s needed is calm, focus, performance and productivity.


People making great decisions, keeping calm, being resilient, managing their perspective and being at their best is what will get companies through this situation as successfully as possible.

Please reach out so we can help. Your people and your organisation deserve all the help they can get.

To discuss your needs and see how we can help please call Guy on 07525021878 or Madeline on 07771990465.

Fact Sheet to Download

Click here to download the Fact Sheet For Individuals